Active Forum for Human Rights Awareness,(AFHA) Nepalgunj


Major objectives of organization:


  1. Effective participation of community, family and children themselves in various development activities.
  2. Empowering women, youth and children of excluded community. Giving information regarding Children
  3. Act 2048 B. S. and Child Right treaty to children, community and family. Youth participation creates,
  4. increase & mobilize in social development.



Main areas of involvement (issues)


Dalit, disadvantaged and deprived women , youth and children.



Major ongoing projects:

On going projects

  1. Child right awareness program.
  2. Facilitating to develop network of children club at the VDC to district level.
  3. Organize workshop on child rights awareness program for parents and community.
  4. Sustainable illumination of child bonded labor through educational, social mobilization.
  5. Keeping record of child rights abuse.



Major planned projects for the future:

Future planned projects

1.Parent sensitization orientation on child development issues.
2.VDC level Stakeholders meeting on Child development issues.
3.Capacity building training to Child Club member.
4.Open a youth cooperative center.
5.Interaction Meeting with Constitutional Assembly Member.
6.Interaction program with PABSON & NPABSON.
7.Support to Conflict children.
8.Sustainable Elimination of child Bonded Labour.
9.Interaction program on traditional norms and values.



Major Strengths of the organization:


1. Organization has clear VMGO.
2. Having in-house economic and administrative policy.
3. Having skilled human resource on child rights.
4. Twelve years social work experience.
5. Owns necessary equipments.
6. Good relationship & be familiar with GOs / INGOs / UN Agencies, community.
7. AFHA has own 11 youth volunteers.



What the organization can contribute to COCAP and its members (three major areas):


1. Provide volunteers.
2. Organize programs in partnership.
3. Provide required suggestions.



Major expectations from COCAP:


1. Partnership work for peace & development.
2. Acquire conflict management knowledge and skills.
3. Linkage & relation develop with the funding partner.



If the organization is implementing projects with financial support from any donor:


Project Title : Advocacy for Child Rights
Donor : Plan Nepal
Project Period : july 06 to jun 07
Project Title : Sustainable illumination of child bonded labor through educational, social mobilization
Donor : ILO
Project Period : Jan’ 2008 to Jan’ 2010
Project Title : Socio-psycho counselling
Donor : Plan Nepal
Project Period : july 07 to jun 08






Active Forum for Human Rights Awareness(AFHA), Manav Adhikar Sachetan Manch Nepalgunj – 13, Nepal
Phone : 0977 – 81 – 524842
Fax : 0977-81-523119
Email :




Date of Establishment 2050/02/10



Executive Committee Members


Name Designation
1. Ms. Shovana Mishra Chairperson
2. Mr. Chabilal Tamang “Rajan” Secretary
3. Ms. Laxmi Khadka Treasurer
4. Ms. Bimala Kaucha Magar Member
5. Ms. Arjun Kumar upreti Member
6. Mr. Sushil Chaudhari Member
7. Mr. Gurumurat Yadav Member




Number of General Members 47



Geographical coverage



Professinal Staff


Designation Qualification Specialization
Program Coordinator BA Child Right, Project mgt., Proposal , Report writing ,documentation Facilitation & HR defender 2
Finance Officer BA Account & admin., Office Mgt Radio & paper journalism 2
Facilitator BA Organization management,advocacy for Child right, HR, Peace & Dev. Proposal writing 5
Psychosocial Counselor IA Counseling for domestic & conflict victim (Women & Children) 1
Office Assistant IA Office mgt. Communication Child rights , social mobilization 1
Social mobilizers BA Social mobilization , Child rights, research & survey,




Phone : Active Forum fo
Fax : 0977-81-523119