Centre for Karnali Rural Promote and Society Development (CDS-Park), Mugu

Major objectives of organization:
Implement good governance, human rights and social justice in rural communities
To aware people and provide education, skill trainings, income generation programs etc. in the direct involvement of community people in those activities
Organize awareness campaigns against social evils and caste, creed and gender based discriminations
Organize activities for the social, economical, and cultural development of rural community
Work for the empowerment of women, children and underprivileged people
To promote youth development programs and youth participation in different sectors
Main areas of involvement (issues)
Human Rights
Peace and Conflict management
Sexual and reproductive health and Rights
Youth empowerment
Organize awareness programs, training programs and development activities
Major ongoing projects:
On going projects
Groups formation of women in order to encourage saving and uplift their economic status
Establish public libraries
‘Yuva Kachahari’ Monthly discussion among youth
V.D.C level trainings and sports
HIV and AIDS awareness programs
Major planned projects for the future:
Future planned projects
Organize activities regarding peace and human rights
Launch programs for the institutionalization of democracy
Run social development programs by mobilizing youth
Major Strengths of the organization:
Youth leadership
Mobilizing local recourses for community level activities
Raises voice for peace, human rights and equality
Mobilizes and involves people for skill development
Development and income generation activities
What the organization can contribute to COCAP and its members (three major areas):
Explain the weaknesses and needs of the grassroots level
Coordinate and co-operate in the activities of COCAP
Actively involve itself in the major activities of COCAP
Major expectations from COCAP:
Involve our organization in the major activities and campaigns of COCAP
Help in the institutional development of CDS-PARK
Involve local people of Karnali district in national and international activities of COCAP
Help CDS-PARK in widening its network in areas like democracy, peace and human rights
Exchange institutional experiences and ideas between the two organizations
If the organization is implementing projects with financial support from any donor:
Project Title : Organization Development
Donor :  Youth Action Nepal
Project Period :  1 Year
Centre for Karnali Rural Promote and Society Development , MuguShreenagar -5, Mugu, CDS- park Mugu.
Phone :  087-460009
Fax :  977-087-460130
Email : cdsparknepal@gmail.com
Date of Establishment 13-08-2062
Executive Committee Members
1.  Aja Bahadur Shahi    Chairperson
2.  Nanda Singh Rokaya    Vice-Chairperson
3.  Laxmi Bahadur Shahi    Secretary
4.  Dharmendra Shahi     Treasurer
5.  Nanda Bahadur Biralu    Member
6.  Min Bahadur Malla    Member
7.  Amkala Malla    Member
8.  Srijana Shahi ( Bista )    Member
 9.   Naula Singh Rokaya    Member
Number of General Members 34
Geographical coverage
Professinal Staff
  Program manager  Bachelor level Organize Programs 1
  Accountant  Bachelor level Finances and Logistics 1
  Office helper  LIterate Look after the office
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Fax :
Email :
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