Chetana Club, Dang

Major objectives of organization:
To increase awareness, to organize various programs for the upliftment of  the society
To organize programmes to improve human rights, to promote good governance and establish peace
To attempt to transform the present social, economical and political structures by means of education and consciousness
Main areas of involvement (issues)
Human rights, good governance and peace
Awareness and literacy
Skill development
Major ongoing projects:
On going projects
Human rights awareness programs
Empowerment program for marginalised community on peace and development
Community based literacy skill development programme
Income generating activities
Major planned projects for the future:
Future planned projects
Environment conservation program
Conflict management activities
Skill development and capacity building program
Major Strengths of the organization:
Commitment to work
What the organization can contribute to COCAP and its members (three major areas):
Coordination between NGOs of Dang district
Training for COCAP members
Major expectations from COCAP:
Linkage and contact with donors
Interaction and sharing between NGOs
If the organization is implementing projects with financial support from any donor:
Project Title : Empowerment Program for marginalzed and excluded communitise for peace and development
Donor : UNDP/ SPDI
Project Period : 1 year
Project Title : Localself Governance Human rights, Democracy and Proverty Alleviation Program
Donor : Finland Embassy
Project Period : 2 years
Chetana Club, Bijauri VDC Ward No – 5, Bijauri Dang, Rapti
Phone : 977 – 82-521159
Fax :  082-521151
Date of Establishment 2047 B. S.
Executive Committee Members
Mr. Teshi Raj Pokharel          Chairperson
Mr. Arun K. Aryal                   Vice-Chairperson
Mr. Madhav Adhikari             Secretary
Ms. Durga Sharma                    Joint Secreatary
Mr. Sujan Sharma                     Treasurer
Ms. Bimala Sharma                   Member
Mr. Nim Bdr. Chaudhari         Member
Ms. Rambha Sharma                Member
Number of General Members 18
Geographical coverage
Professinal Staff
Chairperson B. Com. Account  1
Vice Chairperson M. A. Conflict management & Human Rights  1
Secretary M. A. Environment 1
Program Officer M. A. Group mobilizer  1
Phone : Chetana Club, B
Fax : 082-521151