Dalit Empowerment Centre (DEC), Baglung

About Us


Dalit Empowerment Center (DEC), Baglung was established in 2059 BS as a Dalit Non Governmental Organization. It is registered in the District Administrative Office of Baglung district. Since its establishment, it has been providing legal support and services to the victims of caste based discrimination and human right violation. The organization’s activities were directed mainstreaming the Dalits in the process of development via inclusive and Dalits right reflecting through governance system.



Major objectives of organization:



  1. To stablish community based on Dalit organization, create awareness, empower and mobilize them.
  2. To organize Dalit people to fight against all sorts of caste discrimination.
  3. To provide legal support and advocacy services to the victims of caste discrimination
  4. To launch income generating activities, promotion of traditional occupationsl skills to enhance socio-economic states in the society
  5. To raise socio-cultural and economic issues on Dalit, women, child, disables and elderly people.
  6. To establish co-ordination between Dalit and Non-Dalit peoples to empower Dalit communities of Baglung district.



Main areas of involvement (issues)



  1. Empowerment of Dalit through legal education
  2. Advocacy on Dalits, Women and Child rights
  3. Work on Dalit Human rights
  4. Implementing health and sanitation program for the Dalit community
  5. Implementing economic, social and educational program for the Dalit community



Major ongoing projects:

On going projects


  1. Capacity development program for Dalit students
  2. Health, Gender equality awareness program for the Dalit community
  3. Legal support on Dalit human rights
  4. Lobbying against social injustice in Dalit community



Major planned projects for the future:

Future planned projects


  1. Partnership with international, national GOs, NGOs for holistic development of Dalit
  2. Partnership with local line agencies
  3. Advocacy and lobbying for Dalit women rights and child rights and also provide legal advice and support for their rights



Major Strengths of the organization:



  1. Provide legal advice service free of cost for Dalit rights
  2. Partnership in common issues
  3. Coordination with local agencies, GOs and NGOs
  4. Parliamentary system
  5. Transparency
  6. Participatory decision making



What the organization can contribute to COCAP and its members (three major areas):



  1. Partnership and coordination
  2. Community mobilization
  3. Advocacy for human rights



Major expectations from COCAP:



  1. Partnership linkage development with Government and INGOs for institutional development
  2. Provide support in human rights and conflict management program
  3. Support in launching campaign against social injustice
  4. Support for institutional development
  5. Sharing of learnings



If the organization is implementing projects with financial support from any donor:


Name of Project Financial Partner Date of Completion
Free legal aid to victim of untouchability 2002 to till date
Lobbying to local administrations for protection of Dalits ‘s rights 2002 to till date
Constitutional Assembly Awareness Program in Baglung Alliance of Peace & Development, Nepal 2007
Constituent Assembly Awareness Program in Baglung NCARD 2007
Instructional Capacity Building Advocacy project Dalit NGO Federation 2006
Dalit Inclusion in the Election of Constitutional Assembly Alliance of Dalit Community 2006
Participatory Organizational Capacity Assessment Program COCAP 2006
Social Inclusion in Community Forestry LFP 2006
Bee keeping training & Bee hive distribution to Dalits in Baglung Municipality DDC, Baglung 2005
Bag weaving training for 20 Dalit women in Baglung Municipality DDC, Baglung 2005
Empowerment of Dalit Students’ organization and Dalit Communities DHSP 2004





Dalit Empowerment Centre (Dalit Sashaktikaran Kendra), Baglung Municipality-2, Majhkot, Baglung
Phone : 977-68-522057
Fax : 068-522057
Email : decbaglung@yahoo.com



Date of Establishment 2059-06-03 B.S



Executive Committee Members

1. Adv.  Yam Bdr. Charmakar President
2. Mr. Govind Bdr. Nepali Vice-President
3. Mr. Parsu Narayan Bohara Secretary
4. Mr. Dipak Nepali Treasurer
5. Ms. Rita Gayak (Gandharbh) Joint-Secratary
6. Mr. Nir Bdr. BK Member
7. Ms. Gyani Sunar Member
8. Ms. Pramila BK Member
9. Ms. Shusila Nepali Member
10. Mr. Ramji Nepali Member
11. Mr. Chandra Bohara Member




Number of General Members 270



Geographical coverage




Professinal Staff


Designation Qualification Specialization Number
Chairperson and Director MA/B.L Social Mobilization 1
Treasurer Accountant and Administrative Officer B. A. Research, proposal & report writing, human rights 1
Social Supervisor S.L.C Accountancy 4
Social Mobilizer S.L.C Accountancy 4
Volunteer S.L.C 5


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