Forum for People’s Awareness (FoPA), Arghakhanchi

Major objectives of organization:


1.To work for the promotion of peace.
2. To work with ultra poor people 3. To work for empowerment of women and Dalits.



Main areas of involvement (issues)


1. Peace and development.
2. Dalit empowerment.



Major ongoing projects:

On going projects

1. Community development program for the promotion of peace.
2. Dalit empowerment Program.



Major planned projects for the future:

Future planned projects

1.Environment Protection.
2. Peace and developmnent.
3.Child education.



Major Strengths of the organization:


1. Community based organization.
2. Youth Involvement.



What the organization can contribute to COCAP and its members (three major areas):


1. Partnership and coordination.
2. Community mobilization.
3. Advocacy for human rights.



Major expectations from COCAP:


1. To participate in meetings.
2. Youth exchange program.
3. To cover COCAP’s news in the organization’s magazine.



If the organization is implementing projects with financial support from any donor:


Project Title : Dalit Empowerment
Donor : OXFAM Nepal
Project Period : 1 year
Project Title : CDFPP
Donor : UNDP
Project Period : 1 year





Forum For People’s Awarness, Janachetana Manch, Kapilvastu, Banganga-8 Bairiya
Phone : 977-82-529316, 19-448003
Fax : 077-420236
Email :



Date of Establishment 2055 B.S



Executive Committee Members


Name Designation
1. Mr. Hari Krishna Gautam Chairperson
2. Ms. Tika Devi Bishwokarma Vice -Chairperson
3. Mr. Yuvaraj Gyawali Secratary
4. Mr. Ram Bdr B.K. Joint -secretary
5. Mr. Tek Raj Gautam Treasurer
6. Ms. Mankala B.K Member
7. Ms. Laxmi Gautam Member
8. Mr. Jhawin Pariyar Member
9. Mr. Dem Bdr. Sarki Member



Number of General Members 17



Geographical coverage




Professinal Staff


Phone :
Fax :
Email :
Website :