Gramin Sudhar Manch (GSM), Dadeldhura

Major objectives of organization:
1. To reduce poverty through assisting income generation program in community level.
2. To assist community based child & maternal health, nutritional awareness, Drinking Water and sanitation program.
3. To empower rural people to use their local resources & skills.
4. To assist legal & human right awareness program in community against social discrimination & all froms of exploitation.
5. To preserve the biodiversity through plant conservation and other environmental activities.
6. To work for gender equalization through social mobilization and empowerment.
7. To work against all forms of social evil.
8. To work for equalized society by assisting program for exploited marginal group, ethnicity and caste.
9. To plan, implement, monitor & evaluate the activities of the target group through participatory approach.
10. Awareness creation for the comflict free, beautiful & ideal society.
Main areas of involvement (issues)
1. Organization Development & Social Mobilization.
2. Coordination & linkage.
3. Income generation & Market Promotion.
4. Human Right Advocacy.
5. Technology Promotion.
6. Health Education, Drinking Water & Sanitation.
7. Environment Management.
Major ongoing projects:
On going projects
1. National Improved cooking stove program.
2. Goat raising or farming program.
3. Community Literacy Program.
Major planned projects for the future:
Future planned projects
1. Sustainable soil management program (SSMP).
2. Rural community Infrastructure Work(RCIW)
3. Drinking water and Sanitation Program.
4. Goat Farming Program.
5. Income generating activities
Major Strengths of the organization:
1. Office at the district headquarter with adequate furniture and computer facilities.
2. Four regular staff to operate regular office work.
3. Experienced and active members in the working committee.
4. Training capacity on bee-keeping, Literacy program.
5. Strong capacity to implement programs for school drop-outs, improved cooking stove, Kitchen gardening.
6. Ten long years of experiences in the field of social mobilization, gender and human rights, nutrition education, decentralization.
What the organization can contribute to COCAP and its members (three major areas):
1. To bring all members together to implement activities related to peace.
2. To dessiminate and communicate information to the organization at Dadeldhura.
3. To co-ordinate and support all the programs organized by COCAP at Dadeldhura.
Major expectations from COCAP:
1. Help in establishing peace in Dadeldhura nad the entire country.
2. Strenthening human resources on peace building and conflict transformation.
3. Help in rehabilation of people affected by conflict and counselling of children and women victims.
4. Establishment of a network of organizations working in the field of peace in Dadeldhura district.
5. Help in the development of the organization.
If the organization is implementing projects with financial support from any donor:
Project Title : HIV/AIDS Community Awareness Programme
Donor : FHI
Project Period : 2005 to running
Project Title : Vegetable Production/FYM/Soil Fertility, Farmer to Farmer Programme
Donor : SSM-P
Project Period : 2006 to 2007
Project Title : National Improving Cooking Stove and Kitchen Management Program
Donor : AEPC/ESAP/sunder nepal
Project Period : 2003 to 2007
Project Title : Network for Addressing Woman Reproductive Rights in Nepal(NAWRN)
Donor : SMN/Nepal
Project Period : 2006 to 2007
Project Title : Income Generating Programe
Project Period : 2005 to 2007
Project Title : Human Rights Advocacy
Donor : COCAP
Project Period : 2005 Continious
Project Title : Woman Rights & Woman Empowerment
Project Period : Regular
Gramin Sudhar Manch, Dadeldhura
Phone : 0977-96-420218
Fax : 096-420114
Email :
Date of Establishment 2050-01-06 B.S
Executive Committee Members
Name Designation
1. Mr. Siddha Raj Pathak Chairperson
2. Mr. Chandra Bdr. Kaini Vice-chairperson
3. Mr. Kamal Singh Jukal General Secretary
4. Mr. Deepak Raj Pathak Secretary
5. Mr. Shyam Pd. Ojha Treasurer
6. Mr. Raghubar Bhatta Member
7. Mr. Hari Pd. Bhatta Member
8. Ms. Saraswati Ojha Member
9. Mr. Hari Pd. Awasthi Member
Number of General Members Total: 64 Male:44,Female: 20
Geographical coverage
Total: 64 Male:44,Female: 20
Professinal Staff
1. Technical Assistant I.Ed Agro, Vet/JTA 1
2. S.M I.Ed Social Mobilization 2
3. Motivator 10 Pass ICS Trainning 1
S.No Type Specialization No.
1. Executive Board Member Decision/Policy Making 9
2. P.M.C Project Managing 5
3. ICS Promoter Making ICS 27
4. Group Leader Facilitated in group 24
Phone :
Fax :
Email :
Website :