Human Rights Awareness and Social Development Centre(HURADC), Kailali

Major objectives of organization:
1. Develop awareness and organize people for their rights.
2. Enabling to disadvantage unemployed and marginalized community.
3. Reduce inequality of economic condition through identifying and mobilizing local resources and skills for economic development in rural area.
Main areas of involvement (issues)
1. Human rights development program in rural area.
2. Child rights awareness program in school.
3. Parents meeting in rural area.
4. Celebrating special days and occasion in district headquarters.
5. Peace building on people issue in district headquarters, municipality and VDC.
6. Study on Human Right situation in Kailali district level.
7. Monitoring of ceasefire and peace building process at Kailali district level.
Major ongoing projects:
On going projects
1. Celebrating special days and occasions.
2. Human rights education in professional community.
3. Human rights awareness programs.
4. Government school program/ Child right awareness group.
5. People issues for peace building in VDC and district level interaction.
6. Study on human rights situation.
7. Contest on conflict effects in child rights.
Major planned projects for the future:
Future planned projects
1. Human rights awareness program.
2. Informal education for children program.
3. Special day and occasion celebration.
4. Human rights education for professional community people.
5. Government school program/ Child right awareness group.
6. Human rights activist training.
7. Women leadership development training.
8. Hair cutting training.
9. Leader activist training.
10. Local efforts for peace building.
Major Strengths of the organization:
1. Regular program implementation during conflict situation.
2. Program implementation at target group level.
3. Key role play to pressurise Government as well as to Maoist for peace building.
4. Develop awareness and organized rural area for human rights movement.
5. Work and inspired to work as a volunteer.
What the organization can contribute to COCAP and its members (three major areas):
1. Possibility to partnership in peace and human rights.
2. Support in exposure visit for COCAP and other member organizations.
3. Providing human rights related information at Kailali district level.
Major expectations from COCAP:
1. Partnership in collective campaign for peace building.
2. Partnership and coordination with other donor organization for peace building.
3. Leadership capacity building and identify group training to local grass root worker for peace building group.
4. Partnership in peace and human rights.
5. Mobilization, Interaction, Workshop, Peace rally, Peace monitoring.
6. Partnership in income generating program for peace building.
If the organization is implementing projects with financial support from any donor:
Project Title : Protection and conservation of child rights program
Donor : INSEC
Project Period : Sharawan 063 to Ashar 064
Project Title : Campaign for equal wages for agricultural labourers
Donor : INSEC
Project Period : Sharawan 063 to Ashar 064
Human Rights Awareness and Social Development Centre (HURADC), Manav Adhikar Sachetan Tatha Samajik Bikas Kendra,Tikapur- 9, Kailali
Phone : 0977-91-560962,
Fax : 091-560962
Email :
Date of Establishment 2050/03/16
Executive Committee Members
Name Designation
1. Mr. Phirulal Chaudhary Chairperson
2. Mrs. Chandrawati Chaudhary Vice-chairperson
3. Mr. Sohan Lal Kathariya Secretary
4. Mr. Desh Lal Chaudhary Joint – Secretary
5. Ms. Bharati Chaudhary Treasurer
Ms. Lina Chaudhary Member
7. Ms. Meena Chaudhary Member
8. Mr. Ram Bahadur Chaudhary Member
9. Mr. Nathuram Chaudhary Member
Number of General Members 27
Geographical coverage
Professinal Staff
  Program coordinator 10 class Program 1
  Office Assistant 10 class Administration 1
  Assistant 10 class Program section 1
  Assistant 10 class Account 1
  Type Specialization No.
  4 years Leadership, Institutional development & Human Rights 1
  5 years Facilitator in Human Rights 1
  12 years Study and research of Mukta Kamaiya 1
  10 years Human Rights, Mukta Kamaiya 8
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