Indreni Rural Development Center (IRDC), Rupandehi

Major objectives of organization:
1. To establish a self reliant society based on justice, equality and brotherhood.
2. To educate and organize the community.
3. To promote and develop the local skills and resources.
4. Create awareness on education, health and sanitation.
5. Conduct income generating activities for the self reliant and economic uplift of deprived communities.
6. Establish ecological balances by preventing environmental degradation.
7. Coordinate with GOs, NGOs and INGOs to launch development activities.
Main areas of involvement (issues)
1. Water supply and water quality test
2.Reproductive health
4. Environment and sanitation
5. Peace and Good governance
Major ongoing projects:
On going projects
1. Water supply and sanitation schemes.
2. Water quality test program.
3. Self help and promotion program.
4. Reproductive health.
5. Formal literacy and  education program for girls.
Major planned projects for the future:
Future planned projects
1. Water supply and sanitation schemes.
2. Water quality test program.
3. Self help promotion program.
4. Conflict resolution.
5. Reproductive health.
6. Trainings on Gender and local governance.
Major Strengths of the organization:
1. Well motivated members and staff.
2. Trained and experienced human resources.
3. Good coordination and linkage with other GOs and NGOs.
4. Good relation with the community.
What the organization can contribute to COCAP and its members (three major areas):
This organization has some experiences in the following areas so can contribute by sharing its learning in those areas:
• Water quality test ( Arsenic test and disinfection of bacteria though solar rays)
• Environmental sanitation
• Gender training
Major expectations from COCAP:
1.New ideas for community development
2.Linkage with other organizations
3.Software/hardware assistance for institutional development
If the organization is implementing projects with financial support from any donor:
Project Title : Water supply and sanitation program
Project Period : 1 year
Project Title : Water quality test program
Donor : HMG/FINIDA/Self
Project Period : Continuous
Project Title   Self help promotion progra
Donor   GTZ NGO Fund
Project Period   2 Years
Project Title   Official literacy and Kishori Siksha
Donor   World Education
Project Period   1 year
Project Title   Reproductive health clinic
Donor   Vision 2000/IRDC
Project Period   Regular
Indreni Rural Development Centre, Indreni Gramin Bikas Kendra,Butwal-4, Rupandehi, Nepal
Phone : 0977-71 541882
Fax : 0977-71 541882
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Date of Establishment 2051-5-7 B.S 2051-5-7 B.S
Executive Committee Members
Name Designation
1. Mr. Pradeep Shah Chairperson
2. Mr.Vishnu Gautam Vice-Chairperson
3. Mr.Khim Bdr.Thapa Secretary
4. Mr.Krishna Poudel Treasurer
5. Mr.Raju Shah Member
6. Ms. Pratibha Shah Member
7. Ms.Bimala Gautam Member
Number of General Members 22
Geographical coverage
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