Jagaran Media Centre (JMC), Kathmandu

Major objectives of organization:
1. Work as a parallel communication media to increase the Dalits participation in the mainstream of communication media and to publicize the Dalit issues.
2. Publish reports and periodicals of research studies regarding the Dalits and distribute them to the general public.
3. Broadcast the radio and television awareness programs, through the mainstream communication media calling for the restoration of human Rights to Dalits.
4. Establish direct interaction with the mainstream media in sensitizing the Dalit issues.
5. Conduct journalism training to involve the Dalits in the mass media and to establish Dalit community communication a resource center.
6. Organize seminars to start dialogue. Inter action between the several segments of Nepal society and to create pressure nationally an internationally for the enlistment of the Dalit.
Main areas of involvement (issues)
1. Campaign against Caste Discrimination
2. Media Advocacy
3. Peace building
4  Networking
Major ongoing projects:
On going projects
1. Media sensitization project
2. Social Justice for peace project
3. Dalit awareness initiative project
Major planned projects for the future:
Future planned projects
1. Audio and visual Programs
2. Media alliance against Caste discrimination
3. Conflict monitoring in Dalit Issues
4. Advance journalism training
5. Media sensitization
6. Mainstreaming Dalit issue in the peace process
Major Strengths of the organization:
1. Great Commitment
2. Hard Working
3. Young energetic
4. Transparency
What the organization can contribute to COCAP and its members (three major areas):
1. Co-ordination
2. Solidarity
3. Joint Venture
Major expectations from COCAP:
1. Capacity building
2. Knowledge sharing
3. Solidarity
4. Networking
If the organization is implementing projects with financial support from any donor:
Project Title : Social Justice For Peace
Donor : UNDP
Project Period : 1 Year
Project Title : Dalit Integration
Donor : ESP/DFID
Project Period : 4 Years
Project Title   Media Sensitization
Donor   Action Aid
Project Period   Need Base
Project Title   Dalit Upliftment
Donor   Care Nepal
Project Period   Need Base
Jagaran Media Center Anamnagar, Kathmandu
Phone : 0977-1-4780597 / 4781216
Fax : +977-1-4782851
Email : info@jagaranmedia.org.np
Website : www.jagaranmedia .org.np
Date of Establishment 2057/12/7 B.S
Executive Committee Members
Name Designation
1. Mr.Rem Bishwakarma President
2. Mr.Purna Singh Baraily Vice President
3. Mr.Dilip Nepali General Secretary
4. Ms.Kamala Bishwakarma Secretary
5. Mr.Dipak Pariyar Treasurer
6. Mr.JB. Bishwakarma Member
Ms Dulari Harijan Member
Number of General Members 25
Geographical coverage
Professinal Staff
2.Managing DirectorI.AManagement
3. Radio Coordinator I.A. Media 1
4. Resource Coordinator B.A. Humanities 1
5. Accountant B.B.S. Accountancy 1
6. Radio Assistant I.A. Media 1
Specialization No.
1. Part Time English 1
2. Full Time Management 1
Phone :
Fax :
Email :
Website :