National Dalit Network, Kailali

Major objectives of organization:
1. To launch campaign for Human Rights, Social Justice and good governance.
2. To run campaign for the elimination of cast discrimination from the  society.
3. To advocate for inclusive democracy, to bring socially disadvantaged people in the mainstream politics.
4. To bring positive changes in the existing discriminatory social structure by organizing sustainable campaign and formation of professional staff members .
Main areas of involvement (issues)
1. Caste seggregation and discrimination.
2.  Human Rights and good governance .
3. To campaign against bonded labour and palinqueen system.
4. To campaign for land ownership.
5. To campaign for reservation .
Major ongoing projects:
On going projects
1. Human Rights campaign against caste discrimination, campaign for land ownership.
2. Campaign for good governance .
Major planned projects for the future:
Future planned projects
1.  Human Rights campaign against caste discrimination.
2. Campaign for Human Rights
3. Campaign for good governance and peace.
Major Strengths of the organization:
1. Submitted the maiden report regarding alternative reservation policey to the government.
2. Establishment of a national standard resource center.
3. Offered ledership campaign against caste discrimination in far western and mid western region.
4. Representation in any intelleual activities.
5. Human Rights Organization based on activism.
What the organization can contribute to COCAP and its members (three major areas):
1. Collective campaign for peace .
2. To orgnize trainings on Human Rights activites .
3. Rights based approach and other approaches .
Major expectations from COCAP:
1. Extension in national and international relation.
2. Capacity building of the organization .
3. Assist in the management of resource  center .
4. Acquring skills in the mobilization of the activities .
If the organization is implementing projects with financial support from any donor:
Project Title : Human Rights campaign against caste discrimination (HRCACD)
Donor : Action Aid Nepal
Project Period : Lifelong
Project Title : Peace Activist Mobilization
Donor : Internal Resource
Project Period : Lifelong
Project Title : Human Rights Monitoring
Donor : Internal Resource
Project Period : Lifelong
Project Title : National Volunteer Activites
Donor : Colletive Campaign
Project Period : 2005 to 2007
Project Title : Participation in Civil Society Movements
Donor : Internal Resource
Project Period : Lifelong
Project Title : Institutional Capacity Building
Donor : DED Nepal
Project Period : Lifelong
Project Title : Management Of Natural Resources and Good Governence
Donor : Care Nepal
Project Period : Lifelong
National Dalit Network, Dhagadi Municipality, Ward No:1, Dhangadi, Kailali
Phone : 00977-91-520604
Fax : 091-524729
Email :
Date of Establishment 2058-05-06 B.S
Executive Committee Members
Name Designation
1. Mr. Ganesh B.K. Chairperson
2. Ms .Nira Jairu Vice-chairperson
3. Mr. Mohan Odd General Secretary
4. Mr. Anil B.K. Tresurer
5. Mr. Bhagirath Odd Member
6. Mr. Puran Sihg Dayal Member
7. Ms. Lila Tamata Member
8. Mr. Hukum Bdr.Sarki Member
9. Mr. Basant Kr.Pariyar Member
10. Ms. Sharda B.K. Member
11. Mr. Khadak Bdr.Sarki Member
12 Mr. Junga Bdr. Sunar Member
13. Ms. Uma Devi Badi Member
14. Mr. Dambar Tamata Member
15. Mr. Gyanu Gairi Member
Number of General Members 163- Organizational=100, Individual=63
Geographical coverage
163- Organizational=100, Individual=63
Professinal Staff
  Senior Dalit Activist B.A/B.Ed Dalit Rights Human Rights 1
  Dalit Activist SLC/IA Dalit Rights 12
  Account Assistant I.Com Accountancy 1
  Peace Activist I.Com Human Rights and Good Governance 1
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Fax :
Email :
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