Invitation for bids to upgrade platform

COCAP | is inviting bids to upgrade its platform with the objective to:

  • ​Increase user friendliness of its website
  • Create a contemporary design
  • ​Adjust the database to allow complex queries without disproportionate strain on server capacities
  • Improve handling of the alert/subscription system
  • Improve workflow at the backend allowing multiple mappers to collaborate in working on different aspects of the same report, and coordinators to allocate tasks
  • ​Allow users to create interactive visualizations and get a quick overview of data selected.

You can have a look at the existing platform here: ​

Applicants will submit a bid including costs, manpower structure, implementation timeline, and interface mock-up images by 24 January. The bid must include debugging, testing, installation of the new platform on the NepalMonitor server and transfer of the exisiting database to the new platform.

Bids will be evaluated according to how well they meet the requirements in the call, previous experience in managing projects of a similar scale and nature and costs. Bids can be submitted for either one or both parts. In case bids are submitted for both parts, they should clearly indicate costs, manpower structure and implementation timeline for each of the parts. Potential bidders can direct questions to ​​ or at Tel. 01-4265143. Questions along with the answers will be made available to all potential bidders.

Shortlisted companies will be invited to discuss the bids and selection committee will suggest adjustments for final bids and contracts will be awarded by January 31.

For details please click the link below:

Bid for NepalMonitor Platform upgrade