Strategic planning meeting held

COCAP held its Organizational Strategic Planning Meeting for the next five years on 23-24 April 2018 in Dhulikhel Kavre. Mr. Tej Raj Dahal facilitated the meeting in which he made the participants analyze the key context, achievements, organizational culture, working issues of COCAP and so on. Several kinds of activities were conducted throughout the meeting such as brainstorming, discussion, group work, power point presentation etc. The partakers got immensely involved in the open discussion and they put forward their words of experiences, knowledge, and realization while working with COCAP.
At the end of the meeting, participating team brought up the overall reflection of COCAP regarding various contextual, organizational, and managerial and impact level. The team also brought key issues in the area of programs, human resources, member organizations, volunteers, donors, stakeholders and others including their strength and areas of improvement with relation to VMGO at the implementation level. Hence, the meeting further figured out the strategic needs for coming five years to address the issues raised in the meeting. As stated by Mr. Saroj Nepal, Program Manager at COCAP, reflection, and planning should be owned by all the actors of COCAP to make it a further success.
Badri Prasad Bhusal, Chairperson at COCAP, added that there are more opportunities than challenges to COCAP ahead as the federal structure is going to be a good opportunity for the organizational sustainability. All we need is teamwork and commitment to implement the planned activities in line with the strategic planning”.

Total 30 people participated from the board, volunteers, member organization, staff and stakeholders in the event.