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About Us
To advocate and conduct the awareness program for human rights, democracy and good governance promotion in society.
To take initiative on social inclusion process of the gender, caste and regionally disadvantaged and deprived groups.
To carry out awareness, counseling and rehabilitation programs on HIV/AIDS, Drug addiction and trafficking relatedissues.
To conduct community focused, especially for women and unemployed youth, income generation and self-employ skill development program for their economic and social sustainability.
To promote participatory activities in the field of infrastructure such as education, health services, sports, science,technology and alternative energy.
To conduct the different program on the issue of reproductive health, sexual right and safe motherhood.
To take initiative for the rights of internal and external migrant workers and domestic child workers.
To conduct the different environment protection and eco-tourism based programs.
To provide a collective action of help during the time of natural disaster and social conflict.
To organize Monitoring, advocating and awareness campaign program during the local, National and international election and after the election.
Major objectives of organization:
Peace, Democracy and Human Rights.
Youth Rights, Respect and Responsibility.
Networking, capacity building, coordination and co-work with different organizations.
Education, Health, and Sustainable development.
Gender, Cast and Regional Discrimination.
Search, Research and Public advocacy.
Major ongoing projects:
On going projects
 This organization is organizing following programs on various grounds utilizing the available limited resources for social changes and reforms with individual and collective efforts:-
Conducting training, interaction, discussion and campaign programs on different current social issues like peace, human right, civil right, women and child right violation.
Organizing the awareness program against the Drug addiction and trafficking related issues at local level with the close coordination of Home Ministry, local authority, schools, colleges and community.
Conducting interaction, awareness and training programs about the role, responsibility and rights of women and youths on social, political, cultural and economical sectors.
Monitoring and pressurizing against the human rights violation, racial discrimination and procrastination of the governmental works. Conducting Nutrition Education classes, free medical check-ups and treatment, cleanliness related activities and awareness raising activities.
Organizing different skill based training for income generating and self-employments for the women and unemployed youths.
Conducting school admission campaign, non-formal education and open school program focusing Dalit, ethnic and poor community children.
Research, Documentation and Advocacy to protect the right of the labor and migrant workers.
Major Strengths of the organization:
It has strong network with local and national level youth organizations in Nepal.
Led by educated, highly committed and strongly motivated youth members.
It is internally participatory. Therefore, its members feel self-ownership and empowered. Sustainable approach: Our programmes are designed to bring changes in the system by empowering the sovereign authorities.
Self-Ruling: It is not involved with any particular political, religious and ethnical interest groups. So it is autonomous.
Transparency: It has regular evaluation and monitoring system, strong and fair accounts and administration.
Major expectations from COCAP:
Support in Organizational Development Assessment Trainings in Fund-raising and Organizational Management
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