COCAP is affiliated with various networks and has been coordinating some of them. Following are the networks and their short description:
1. Social Protection Civil Society Network
To establish well coordination with the organizations working in the area of social security/protection, a loose network of I/NGOs is formed on February 16, 2012. The network has 15 members committee. Ms. Usha Baruwal, Chairperson of COCAP is coordinating the network whereas Save the Children is providing the Secretariat to the network for two years.
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2. Demonstration Monitoring Network
Demonstration Monitoring Network (DMN) is a loose network of 40 different organizations working in the field of human rights and peace. The  network  was  formed  in  2008  by joint  initiation  of  office UN  Office of  High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). DMN was formed since the human rights defenders working in different organizations realized the collective effort for monitoring the human right violence during demonstrations. COCAP is secretariat DMN.
3. Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee (HRTMCC)
HRTMCC is a coalition of human rights organizations established to monitor the implementation of the international human rights treaties ratified by Nepal. HRTMCC was established in September 2003 through a consultation in Kathmandu to build stronger human rights forum to make the state accountable to its international human rights obligations and the non-state actors accountable to international human rights and humanitarian laws.
COCAP is an active member of this committee. COCAP is involved in the process of making shadow report of Economic Social and Cultural Rights sub-committee.
4. Human Rights National Magna Meet 2012
Human Rights National Magna Meet is being organized collectively every year since 2009 to celebrate International Human Rights Day. COCAP took the responsibility of coordination and secretariat of “Human Rights National Magna Meet-2012” which was organized in the Staff College, Lalitpur on 9-11 December, 2012. As a part of the human rights day celebrations, several human rights related events and activities like rallies, thematic interactions and seminars, public hearing, cultural programs and exhibitions were organized throughout the country. COCAP’s the then chairperson Mr. Basu Dhakal was one of the coordinators of this Magna Meet.
5.  The Nationwide Campaign to Eliminate the Caste Based Discrimination and Untouchability- 2012
The campaign was launched with the aim to raise awareness among the non- Dalit population about the caste based discrimination and untouchability and pressurize the government agencies to implement the laws that ensure the legal treatment against those who practice this inhumane discrimination. It was rarely found that, a person from non-Dalit community is leading the campaign for issues of Dalit. COCAP’s the then chairperson Mr. Basu Dhakal took the responsibility of Coordinator of this campaign. Likewise, COCAP played its important role of secretariat of this historical campaign.