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Since August 2016, COCAP | has extended its platform into a more comprehensive Peace Monitoring Platform.Read More
In November 2014, COCAP started a new conflict prevention and protection initiative,, supported by pbi.Read More
COCAP is a campaign based organization. To pressurize the government and the policy makers on crucial socio-political issues, it organizes campaigns collectively in collaboration with the civil society, member organizations, volunteers and others.Read More
COCAP has been working on human rights issue mainly in two ways. Firstly, it trains and educates human right defenders on their roles and responsibilities. Secondly, it monitors the human rights violations during public protests and mass demonstrations:Read More
COCAP provides trainings on non-violent conflict transformation and peace building, project management, monitoring and evaluation, and facilitation and presentation skills to its volunteers, member organization representatives and staffs.Read More
COCAP believes that social security is one of the prime factors contributing to the conflict mitigation and peace-building in the country.Read More
After continuously working on the grassroots as well as national level to create a human right friendly and socially just society, COCAP is lately focusing its activities towards policy advocacy.Read More
With a view to pressurize political parties and the Constituent Assembly for the timely promulgation of the new Constitution and completion of the peace process, COCAP initiated Citizens’ Campaign for Peace and Constitution.Read More
Published on: 2017-06-21
On June 9 - 11, 2017 COCAP in collaboration with Democratic Freedom and Human Rights Institute (DFHRI) and Former Commissioner's Society- NHRC (FOCOS-NHRC)organized interaction programs on "Free Impartial and Credible Local Election" Read More...
Published on: 2017-06-09
On June 6, 2017 COCAP in collaboration with DFHRI and FOCOS-NHRC organized an interaction program on ‘Free, Impartial and Credible Local Election’ in Janakpur, Dhanusha. Read More...