COCAP has been working on human rights issue mainly in two ways. Firstly, it trains and educates human right defenders on their roles and responsibilities. Secondly, it monitors the human rights violations during public protests and mass demonstrations:

Human Rights Education

COCAP has been relentlessly working on educating human rights defenders in different layers of the society. In national and regional level, it provides trainings and orientations to its member organizations, volunteers and other human rights defenders on different aspects of human rights like their roles and responsibilities, code of conduct of hr defenders, human rights principles, human rights monitoring and reporting etc. These member organizations and hr defenders further share their experiences and knowledges in the community and grass root level, where they directly work. COCAP, hence, works on the promotion of culture of human rights  at all levels of the society. On December 6, 2012, COCAP organized an interaction on “Code of Conduct of Human Rights Defenders”. Similarly, COCAP, as the secretariat of DMN, initiated an interaction on, “Role ad Responsibility of Demonstrators and State Authority during Public Protests” on January 10, 2012, which aimed to provide a common platform to the central level leaders of major political parties who play decisive role in terms of devising the means to exercise their rights to freedom of association, assembly and expression and law enforcement authorities who have the duty to respect and protect those rights. COCAP was one of the two coordinating organizations of the 4th Human Rights National Magnameet, 2012.

 Human Rights Monitoring

During the three-week protests that took place in April 2006 to bring down monarchy, COCAP human rights monitoring volunteers were vital to assisting injured protestors and security personnel to safety. In the post-conflict context, it has focused more in monitoring the possible human rights violations during public protests. As a secretariat to Demonstration Monitoring Network (DMN), a loose forum of human rights monitoring organizations in Kathmandu, COCAP coordinates communication and mobilization of human rights defenders during public protests and works as secretariat of information during such events.