Since August 2016, COCAP | has extended its platform into a comprehensive Peace Monitoring Platform. With the support of the Asia Foundation the database now includes reporting from district-level newspapers and introduced a more robust coding of violent incidents and public contestations recorded. Initially piloted to include local-level media of 10 districts, the project has since January 2017 been extended to include district-level newspapers from 25 districts of Nepal’s 75 districts. Preliminary results of the pilot indicated that by including local papers from 10 sample districts alone the coverage of relevant reports for the database increased by 30 percent.

Apart from including additional sources of information the coding design for incidents recorded has also been improved to make it comparable to other country’s violence datasets in the region. The project now records variables such as type of incidents, cause, impact and various cross cutting issues such as gender based violence (GBV), dalit, or election-related violence.  The project monitors any incidents of physical violence and other forms of collective contestations and coercive actions with the objective to: